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The Book of Common Prayer in Latin (1662)


This little (10 x 7cm) Latin version of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer was published by Samuel Bsgster & Sons, a major publisher of religious books. It was originally published in 1821, and reprinted a number of times throughout the 19th century. It was likely intended as a low-cost text for use in schools where Latin was commonly used.

The book uses the translation of Thomas Parsell of 1706.

The printing given here is undated, but appears to come from some time in the late 1800's. It is presented here as PDF graphics, meaning each page of text appears as a picture. There is extractable text, but this has not been proofread and undoubtedly contains errors. The book has no table of contents; however bookmarks have been added so as the find the various services, etc. Note that pages 281-320 are omitted in the book.

An earlier (1823) printing is also online from Google Books.


Title page


Download the Bagster Latin Prayer Book (size = 9MB)


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