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Portions of the Book of Common Prayer,
with Hymns and Addresses in Eskimo


This Book of Common Prayer was intended for the use of the Inuit (formerly Eskimo) peoples of the Eastern Arctic, primarily in Northern Québec and on Baffin Island. The language is Inuktitut, or Eastern Canadian Inuktitut. It is spoken by about 35,000 people.

This and all other Books of Common Prayer in Inuktitut are written in syllabics. The form used here, Inuktitut syllabics, was derived from the Cree, which was developed by James Evans, a Methodist missionary, in the 1830's. Because of this, the book is presented here as a graphics PDF file, and not in regular text.

The Book of Common Prayer was originally translated into Eastern Canadian Inuktitut (or Eskimo, as it is stated in the text) in 1881 by Edmund Peck (1850-1924), a CMS (Church Missionary Society) missionary then based in northern Québec. A second edition was issued in 1900. The text used here is the third expanded edition, originally published in 1914; this printing here is from 1941 and is the last of this edition. Another appeared in 1950, and finally, there is a more current edition, first published in 1952, with several printings since then.

This book includes a words-only hymnal, also in Inuktitut syllabics, translated in part by William Gladstone Walton (1867-1948), also a CMS missionary based in northern Québec. Walton also translated the BCP into Cree (1907).

This book appears as 32:3 in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer. The Table of Contents is given below to show which services are and additional material are included. A link to read or download the complete book is also below.


title page
Title page



Syllabarium v.
Morning Prayer 1
Evening Prayer 6
Litany 15
Holy Communion 20
Baptism to Those of Riper Years 34
Confirmation 45
Solemnization of Matrimony 50
Burial of the Dead 60
Prayers 69
Catechism 82
   (much more extensive than that in the BCP)
Short Addresses with Scripture Texts 105
Scripture Texts 145
Hymns (by EJ Peck) 159
Hymns (by WG Walton) 191

Edmund Peck
Edmund J. Peck

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